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* Please note these beers are not in constant production but may become available again 

Limited release

Comfy in Nautica Keg badge Out.png
It's Dangerous Keg badge Out.png
Ege Bamyasi Keg badge Out.png
Iron Bloke Keg badge Out.png
Citizens on Patrol
Destroy and Exit
Rip It Up
Thunder Kiss
Gleaming The Cube
Pins And Needles
Arms Like Garth
Aquarius And My Names Is Ralph
Orange Sour
Thumb Man
Strong Men Also Cry Keg
Love Buzz
Plum Sour Keg
Mr Bob Dobalina
Right up my Strasse
bon bon bon bons
The Best Ever Death Metal Band Out Of Salford
Don't fear the BIPA
Sour Cherry
Season of the shark
Second Toughest In The Infants
Ekuanot On Your Nelly 6.5%
Tropical Sour
Apricot IPA
Ibuki III
Imperial Rye IPA
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