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Get 12 cans of the freshest Pomona beers to your door, all styles, every month.




These ship for free. No extra costs involved.


You'll get 12 specials, a variety of all the styles we make, where possible no doubles and we make 3-4 specials a week on average so that should never be a problem! If we are ever short you'll get a cheeky core beer.


You'll get the good stuff. You won't see a TIPA go out and wonder why it didn't make it into your box. 


You'll get the odd treat. When we get badges and stickers and fun stuff, guess who gets it first. You, you legend.


You'll get a ten percent discount code monthly. That means you get 10% off anything on the webshop. Try something you like, get it cheaper. Want a big 750ml bottle, that's 10% off to you my friend.


Boxes will ship out on the third Tuesday of every month so you have beers before pay week! Your payment will be taken on the date you subscribe, and on the same date each following month until you cancel. Last chance to subscribe is Midnight on the third Monday of the month.


Price Options
Diamond Tier
£50.00every month until canceled
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