We strongly recommend you only buy if you are local and using the Same Day service, due to the short shelf life of the product. We cannot offer refunds if you choose to buy Nationally for any reason.

If you're in an M postcode or SK4 SK5 & SK8 we can deliver crowlers fresh to your door, filled the same day. We recommend you drink within 3-5 days.


Crowlers are your favourite draught beers, canned fresh for you to drink today. Cans are purged (for freshness) and packaged in a sterile environment with gloves and masks.


IRON BLOKE is a Chocolate Stout with lactose for a creamy body and a little salt on the end to bring out the flavour.



Allergens: Lactose, Barley, Wheat, Oats

IRON BLOKE Salted Chocolate Stout 7% Crowler Fill 440ml