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Enjoy the Euros in style with your favourite Pomona Island beers.


Choose from the following options and receive 48 cans discounted, plus free beer mats, sunglasses and 2x pint glasses!


Beer options:

Factotum - Pale Ale, 4%, 48 x 440ml cans

Phaedra - Pale Ale, 5.3%, 48 x 440ml cans

Tannhauser Gate - Helles Lager, 5%, 48 x 440ml cans

Blume - Pilsner Lager, 4%, 48 x 440ml cans

Mixed Pack - 48 x 440ml cans, 12x each of the above


Allergen information can be found on individual product pages.



Euro 24 - 48 Can Bundle

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